Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wear Seventies’ Inspired Wholesale Clothing This 2011

People say we get inspired by the past. Well, this belief extends even to fashion. If you have not noticed yet, a lot of the “new” pieces over the past three to five years invoked almost-similar styles from the 1920s up until the 1960s. That is why it is not surprising anymore if this year, many women would sport the 1970s look with modern flair.

Just to give you an idea on what wholesale clothing to pick so you can fit in and be in style, take a look at our list:

• High-waisted shorts and pants
Daisy dukes are taking a modern (or perhaps vintage) turn by wearing the pair a little higher, there on the waist. And to make it even more seventies, try wearing a flashy belt as an accessory. If you don’t like shorts, you can have any of the vibrantly colored fitting pants.

• Tops with bishop sleeves
Your wholesale clothing choices should also include billowing bow blouses with bishop sleeves. So you do not feel so old wearing it, you can look for tops that fall exactly on the waistline. You can also pick pieces with splashes of color, such as yellow and blue, for a summery feel.

• Jumpsuits
If you’re too lazy mixing and matching your wholesale clothing, then go for a jumpsuit. Plenty of jumpsuits veer away from the cruder jeans look and are a lot softer, so they are still a good selection for parties and casual night outs with friends.

Smart Casual Dressing: How to Make the Right Pick

What do you mean by smart casual? There are actually three words you have to remember: organization, elegance, and style. With these in mind, we can create a list of useful tips on how to pick the right smart casual outfit.

1. Ensure the dress is not too short.
Miniskirts, especially the form-fitting ones, are almost always considered tacky for smart casual dressing. Flowing dresses are recommended, but avoid donning the very long ones, those that reach the ankles. The ideal length is somewhere around the knees.

2. Wear that blazer.
A blazer or a snugly fitting jacket is a perfect complement to any dress or dress pants. It helps add formality to what you are wearing – without going overboard. Moreover, blazers make your clothes more versatile. If you need to go out after work, you can just simply remove your blazer to reveal a halter top.

3. Choose classic tops.
Smart casual dressing doesn’t leave a lot of room for experimentation, especially with tops. Scrap the “Starving Artist” shirt or the plunging necklines. Instead, go for the more classic pieces, such as lace-detailed blouses or solid-colored tops. So you can save some moolah, buy them as wholesale clothing.

4. Subtly emphasize the figure.
You wear smart casual clothes not to flaunt your body. You wear them because you want to be chic and formal at the same time. But that does not mean you need to hide your body entirely. A three-fourth blouse can make your arms appear slimmer. Run a belt around to emphasize your waist.

Wholesale Fashion: Cheap but High-quality Style

Digging for wholesale clothing doesn’t mean choosing dirt-cheap mediocre fashion. In fact, you don’t need to compromise style in favor of practicality and saving.

Wholesale fashion has definitely evolved. Not only are you provided with highly affordable clothes, but you’re also shown thousands of well-thought-out garbs you’ll be proud of to strut in any high-fashion avenues.

To make them even more wearable, you can put on these clothing pieces with wholesale jewelry composed of a myriad of stones. Jades, amethysts, topazes, garnets, and, of course, diamonds would be an ideal choice. Fine crystals such as Swarovski add class and elegance without spending thousands of dollars.

Wholesale accessories, meanwhile, can range from dangles to hoops, huggies, studs, and chandeliers. If simplicity is your bet, there are bib necklaces created from organic materials including wood and feathers. Glamour up too with charm bracelets, golden anklets, or headbands peppered with semi-precious and precious stones.

One should also not fear getting wholesale cosmetics. A lot of good brands do offer them once in a while, and many are tested to be completely hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. Wholesale cosmetics, too, are dynamic, as you have the option to mix and match your favorite shades. You can ditch lipsticks in favor of lipglosses or own dozens of eyeshadows with full-range hues.

Most of all, you can leave home with sprinkles from any of the wholesale perfume bottles. At a more affordable price, you can delight on the musky or sweet scents of Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, or Chanel.

Money doesn’t mean fashion, and fashion doesn’t have to equate to spending a fortune. Be wise and stay in style with wholesale fashion.

4 Practical Tips in Picking Jackets

Yes, you can purchase a variety of jackets in wholesale clothing stores. What you should be mindful about is how to pick the right ones. Here are some practical tips to consider:

1. Take note of your body type.
Find a jacket that perfectly fits you. This means that the length does not go beyond your waist. It should fit snugly in your arms, with enough room for movements. It shouldn’t appear big; else, you will look fat. On the other hand, the jacket should not be too small either – it will look like you’re wearing one for a kid.

2. Opt for classic pieces.
You can make jackets multifunctional by settling for the classic pieces. These include denim and black leather jackets. You can also go for cotton jackets, which are great to wear during fall and summer seasons depending on their cut and style.

3. Choose solid-colored jackets.
The great thing about using jackets that have monochromatic colors is that it’s easy for you to find other compatible clothes. Some of the best options include black, navy blue, red, and white.

4. Determine your budget.
A lot of jackets have hefty price tags, especially the well-made and branded ones. Well known brands can break your savings. The good news is you have wholesale clothing. This allows you to shop for the same jacket style with a variety of colors for a much lesser price. With wholesale shopping, it is possible you’ll get 30 percent off from the jacket’s regular price.

Plus-Size Wholesale Clothing: Be Fashionable and Proudly Large

A lot of plus-size women suffer the social stigma: their large frame makes it very hard for them to find the right set of wholesale clothing pieces. It might be the case before. Today, more retailers have discovered the growing market and thus have come up with designs that don’t just highlight chubby women’s assets but also let them keep up with the latest trends.

If you are a plus-size woman, learn how to dress with wholesale clothing through these tips:

1. Know your size and shape.
Look at yourself in the mirror and observe the contours of your body. Do you appear like an inverted triangle? Is your body pear shaped? If you can’t determine it, then find a good seamstress who can get your body’s measurement and can bluntly tell you what your exact size is. After this, compare the information to the size chart you can find on the seller’s website or product page.

2. Don’t try smaller clothes.
Many women make the grave mistake of wearing wholesale clothing that is one or two sizes smaller than they actually are. They end up looking even bigger. If you want to create the illusion of slimness, find shirts with stripes. You can also stay away from too-brightly-colored dresses and tops.

3. Choose your jeans very well.
Jeans can make you look extra large or sumptuous depending on your choice. Tapered jeans are a no-no as they make your ankles look almost bloated. Instead, go for wide-legged pants.